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OKL4 Microvisor 4.0


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The OKL4 Microvisor is designed from the ground up as a high-performance mobile virtualization platform. It is a microkernel-based embedded hypervisor - called a Microvisor, with a small footprint and the right combination of performance and hardware support to target mobile telephony use. The OKL4 Microvisor 4.0 is distinguished by supporting mobile virtualization, componentization, and security, enabling a new generation of applications and capabilities with impact across the mobile ecosystem.

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OKL4 Microkernel 3.0

The Microkernel 3.0 is a system software platform built using Microkernel design principles. It provides developers with the technologies and tools needed to build and deploy innovative and secure intelligent devices. OKL4 Microkernel 3.0 is freely available for download in full source form.


Note: For older Microkernel releases, check out Previous Releases


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